CPRS Aquatic Section Drowning Prevention Campaign

SWIM California 2014 is our latest outreach program to avoid and prevent drowning throughout California this year. SWIM stands for:

                                          Seek opportunities to learn to swim
                                         Watch your children anytime in or around water
                                          Invest in and wear lifejackets
                                          Make a safety plan

Seek Opportunities to Learn to Swim

• We recommend that you participate in the World’s Largest Swim Lesson http://www.worldslargestswimminglesson.org/. This free program event is a great starting point at the beginning of the summer season (June 20 at many locations).

• We recommend that you continue learning by enrolling in your local learn to swim program at your neighborhood pool. You are bound to find many options for classes. Swim lessons are critical in developing good swimmers and is one of the primary tools to reduce drowning.

Find Swim Lessons at participating locations throughout the state of California. Click Here to Find a Swim Program Near You!

Watch Your Children Anytime in or Around Water, Good Supervision is the Key

• We recommend that you swim in areas that are supervised by lifeguards. Lifeguarded areas continue to be safer places for you and your children to swim

•  We recommend that you commit to being a Water Watcher when you bring children swimming. http://waterwatcher.org/tagform.html This simple but effect tool dedicates one adult at a time to be the designated water watcher and have a necklace identifying them and there one sole job is to have eyes on the pool and on the kids assigned to them. This is a good visual reminder for everyone.

Invest in and Wear Lifejackets

• We recommend that you always have an available lifejacket whenever boating, or in cold water, or if you do not know how to swim. Many facilities have loaner lifejackets for you to use as well as it is important to lead by example to your children. Statistics show that wearing a proper fitting lifejackets can help save a life. 

Many Facilities only allow U.S. Coast Guard approved Life Jackets. Not sure how to determine if your lifejacket is going to properly fit or if it is U.S. Coast Guard Approved? Check out the Community Resources Page!  

Make a Safety Plan When You are Going to Aquatic Areas

• We recommend that you always go to aquatic areas with a plan. Many people plan for their food and belongings when going out on a trip but how many make a plan around the water to be safe?

A simple plan would verify whether:

  1.  There are lifeguards or not                                                     3. What is the quickest response time for emergency personnel
  2. Are lifejackets needed                                                              4.  Is there adequate adult supervision. 

Contact us for more information on a safe summer with pool safety information from our campaign.