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Over 1,500 children and teens die annually in the United States from drowning incidents. In an effort to reduce this number, we've gathered some of the best resources to help you, your family and your community work together to reduce the second learding cause of death for children ages 1-14 and have a safe, fun summer this year, and each year. 


While May is National Water Safety Month, we believe every month is Drowning Prevention month in California.  Please join in promoting the following pool and water safety prevention tips:

  1. Always maintain adult supervision around any body of water. Appoint a Water Watcher or Pool Supervisor for your pool area.
  2. Utilize barriers around all pools - it's the law!

a. Are your doors out to pools alarmed?

b. Do you have a Safety Pool Cover?

c. Do you have a self-latching closing gate and fencing around your pool?

  • Are you ready for an emergency?

a. Is there a phone close for an emergency? 

b. Have you taken a CPR class? 

c. Is tehre rescue equipment near your pool - a shepard's crook, ring buoy and emergency pump shutoff


Please utilize these great downloads in your home and community. 

Find Swim Lessons near you

Bathtub Drownings English and Spanish

Save a Life with First 5 of Contra Costa County English and Spanish 

Education and Prevention from Newark, California

Drowning Infographic in English and Spanish

Properly Fit your Life Jacket

Learn Pool Safety through Video Games with your kids

Layers of Protection

In order for you to implement a good drowning prevention strategy you should think about having multiple layers of protection. Some of these layers include: Education, Supervision, Environmental, and Equipment. Please examine the Layers of Protection Document for more details and information on implementing the layers of protection strategy to prevent drowning.  


Sun Safety

Sun Safety Teaching Materials

Complied January 2006

Skin Cancer Prevention Program

California Department of Health Services

By the

? Preschool-K: California Early Childhood Sun Protection Curriculum. Hot

Shots (video). Poster. All at no cost. Contact: Skin Cancer Prevention

Program, California Department of Health Services. (916) 449-5393. (Click on the “Resources” link to

access order form. Scroll down to “Preschool Sun Safety Education

Package” which appears in bold-face blue type.)

? Preschool-Grade 12: Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria, Australia. Skin

cancer prevention education resources.

? Grades K-12: SunSmart America. Free curriculum and related materials.

Contact: Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation. (561) 687-2400.

? Grades K-8: SunWise School Program: No cost: Available in Spanish.

Contact: Environmental Protection Agency. (202) 343-9361.

? Grades K-8: Sun Safety Activity Guide (download at no cost). Sun

Safety: A Growing Health Concern (video) - $30. Contact: National

(202) 974-2486.

? Grades K-5: Sunny Days Healthy Ways - Resource kit on CD-ROM.

Grades K-1: Sunny Days Healthy Ways - Interactive CD-ROM. $39.95.

Grades 2-3: Sunny Days Healthy Ways - Interactive CD-ROM. $39.95.

Grades 4-5: Sunny Days Healthy Ways - Interactive CD-ROM. $39.95.

Grades K-12: Sun Safe School Guide. No cost.

Contact: Klein Buendel, Inc. (877) 258-2915, ext. 3.

? Grades 4-12: Project SAFETY. CD-ROM. $13.00. (SAFETY stands for

“Sun Awareness for Educating Today’s Youth.”) Meets national science

and health education standards. Contact: University of Texas, M.D.

Anderson Cancer Center. (713) 745-1205.

? Grades 7-8: Sun Guard Man. Free curriculum download. Contact: Coalition

for Skin Cancer Prevention in Maryland. (800) 492-1056, ext. 340. (Website includes free sun-safety interactive

? Grades 7-12: Rays Awareness. Online information regarding UV radiation

levels around the United States and personalized sun-safety

recommendations. Presented by the Weather Channel.

? Grades 9-12: Downloadable lesson plan, for use by high school health

educators, that uses a game show format. Prepared by the Melanoma

Education Foundation in Massachusetts.

? Grades K-8+: UV-reactive beads, T-shirts, and paints. (Note: These items

are excellent for getting young people’s attention and demonstrating the

existence of invisible UV rays.) Contact: Educational Innovations, Inc. (888)

912-7474. (Click on “Color,

Light, and Sound.” Then click on “UV Detecting Products.”)

Sun Safety in California- Tips for Safety for the whole Family around water

According to the American Cancer society, more than one million cases of basal

cell cancer are diagnosed annually. In addition, approximately 55,000 new cases

of the deadly from of skin cancer, malignant melanoma, are diagnosed annually

in the United States. This page is dedicated to providing you information and tips

on reducing your risk of skin cancer.

Tips for Sun Safety

? When possible, avoid

outdoor activities during

the hours of 10 AM and

4 PM, when the sun's

rays are the strongest.

? Always wear a broad-

spectrum (protection

against both UVA and

UVB) sunscreen with a

Sun Protection Factor.